How to increase relevant clicks for your Google Adwords Campaign ?

This case study will help the beneficiaries to analyze on how to increase the number of “Relevant” clicks for an advertiser’s online campaign.

This case study also explains how relevancy between
  1. Keywords
  2. Ad copy 
  3. Landing page of an advertiser’s website plays a crucial role.  
Workflow: For easy understanding, we have explained the strategies and the techniques hand in hand.

Outcome: Increase relevant clicks, conversions and customer satisfaction.


Think like a user:  Use keyword planner to select appropriate keywords with good search volume. 

Long tail keywords work better: Select two or three word keywords with good search volume in the target region

Target geo mod keywords: Select top searched keywords with geomods (which will drive direct customers)

Match type matters: Select match type depending on your advertiser’s business size and requirements.

  • Broad – to promote brand names.
  • Phrase – to get maximum benefits to the campaign and also to find new opportunities
  • Exact – to generate direct response to users query
  • Broad match Modifier:  Only shows ads in searches including the words designated with a plus sign (+women’s hats) or close variations of them
  • Negative Keywords: Excludes your ads from showing on searches with that term. So if you’re a hat company that doesn’t sell baseball hats, you could add add a negative keyword, designated with a minus sign (-baseball hats).
Get help from Google search : 
  • Find more keywords from related searches from Google
  • Use suggestions from Google instant feature
Pick keywords from the advertisers website:
  • Do thorough research on the advertiser’s products and services
  • Select service/product relevant keywords, geomods, USP’s, generic words and try creating your own keyword list with these combinations.
  • Also use synonyms of the keywords
Relevancy is more important than quantity: Make a simple list of relevant keywords


Extension matters:
  • Promote other pages of the website using site links, include latest offers in extensions.
  • Use driving map options which will navigate the user to the advertiser’s business location.
  • Mobile users can make use of the call button and contact the advertiser directly
Do not neglect display URL tag: Use service related keywords at the end of display URL.